The ByKarl adventure

The adventure began in September 2018 when the founder of ByKarl, a daily cyclist, imagined the concept. He notices that it is complicated to take his bike to the service.

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The principle

Why waste time traveling and deprive yourself of your mount for several days? Why get your hands dirty doing rough work, when a professional mechanic can come to you and do what you need when you're at home or at work?


Baron Karl Van Dreisl
Our service takes its name from Baron Karl Van Dreis "the inventor of the bicycle" and aims to simplify the life of lovers of the little queen.

ByKarl and FriUp

FriUp supports ByKarl in its present and future development. Based at Bluefactory, FriUp coaches startups in the Canton of Fribourg.


ByKarl and Groupe Mutuel

Groupe Mutuel participated in the birth of ByKarl. In Sion, high-level coaches helped Ben develop his Business Model.