Bike delivery in Fribourg

Offer only available in Fribourg

Our consolidation centres enable us to take care of the logistical needs of an urban centre by combining sustainable and efficient means of transport.



An alternative for your deliveries

Kargobike offers a wide range of services for the transport of goods.

By optimising urban logistics, we reduce traffic congestion, pollution and noise pollution. Our sorting centre integrates an IT platform allowing traceability, as well as the management of various carriers.


Optimisation of deliveries

We centralise transport flows upstream, in order to optimise deliveries to urban centres.

Whether it's for a P.O. box collection, a national next-day shipment, a delivery during the day, a meal delivery or a special request, we are able to efficiently handle all transport requests through our network of franchises and partners.


Kargobike Rates


Postal mail

Daily collection150 CHF / month
Daily pick-up180 CHF / month
Collection + pickup300 CHF / month
Price excl. tax

Direct delivery

Urban / Long distance
< 30 kg a day15 CHF / 30 CHF
< 30 kg 1/2 day20 CHF / 40 CHF
> 30 kg day30 CHF / 60 CHF
> 30 kg 1/2 day35 CHF / 70 CHF
Within the hour
(< 10 kg)
15 CHF / -
Round trip (< 10 kg)20 CHF / -

Price excl. tax


Autres types de livraison

Homedelivery8 CHF
Meal Deliveryon request
Poster spaceon request
Price excl. tax

Tailor-made package

Needs assessment and personalized offer


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