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Mobile service
bike repair and maintenance

A professional and cool mechanic comes to
pamper your bikes at home or at work!

A domicile, au travail, là tu en as besoin !

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Comment ça fonctionne ?

Book a service

  • Choose the date

  • the time

  • the place

Our mechanic intervenes where you want, when you want

  • Specific repairs

  • Full bike maintenance

  • Bike electrification

Your bike is ready

  • Classic bike

  • Electric bike

  • Cargo bike

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Book our service in two clicks and save time


Our prices are similar to a traditional bike shop


You help reduce noise and air pollution


For the well-being of all and for the environment

The principle

Why waste time traveling and deprive yourself of your mount for several days? Why get your hands dirty doing rough work, when a professional mechanic can come to you and do what you need when you're at home or at work?

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Baron Karl Van Dreis

Our service takes its name from Baron Karl Van Dreis "the inventor of the bicycle" and aims to simplify the life of lovers of the little queen.

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Where can you find our mobile mechanics

By Karl is present in several cities in Switzerland. We are continuously developing our network and working with franchise partners to extend our services throughout Switzerland.

Find on the map the regions already served.

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