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The workshop
"Riding safely”

Promoting soft mobility in your business

For all your colleagues

Know the traffic rules well


Knowing the rules of bicycle traffic as well as the specificities of the legal context makes driving easier, particularly in an urban environment.

We feel more confident and able to react to hazards on the road.


It is an essential basis for anyone wishing to make their mount an everyday tool.

Practicing allows you to assimilate

Practicing in a secure environment will allow you to acquire the right reflexes. The passage on the open road will then give you all the confidence necessary to use your bike as a means of daily transport.

This new serenity will keep your motivation high, especially when the weather becomes less forgiving...

Training program

2 hours of theory and practice

1. Presentation of the Training and Legal Context


2. Reminder of road signs specific to bicycles

Q&A with participants


3. Practical workshop in a secure environment

  • Be able to take one hand off the handlebars

  • Being able to turn your head behind you

  • Be aware of the braking capacity of your bike

  • Slaloms and gymkhana (roundabout and left fork)


4. Open Road Tour

Application of Part 3 exercises in circulation


5. Debriefing

Implementation conditions

THEmaximum number of participants. is set at 10 per trainer.

THE price is set at 400.-CHFper trainer present (several trainers possible).


So that each participant can acquire the right reflexes, we strongly recommend that theybring your own biketo training.

The places must be accessible by bicycle (outdoors possible) and adapted to the number of participants (possible outdoors as long as the place is quiet).

For more information, contact the mechanic in your area directly.

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