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Cargo Bike Service

cargo bike service

Frame - Inspection, tightening partial cleaning.
Handlebar and stem - Checking, adjusting play.
Saddle/seatpost - Checking, tightening.

Braking system - Control, tightening adjustments.
Brake discs and calipers - Checking, truing, centering.
Transmission chain/belt - Check, tension lubrication.
Front/Rear derailleur - Checking, tightening, dropout alignment,   settings.
Cassette and trays - Checking, tightening, cleaning.
Tires - Check for wear and deformation, pressure.
Wheels - Checking, truing, spoke tension.
Crank and pedals - Control, tightening.

Lighting - Control.
Fork / Shock absorber - Check, pressure, lubrication.
Electric assistance - Check, Update
Performance Test - Service Confirmation or Repair Estimate if required.

No more worry about getting your cargo to the garage, it comes to you

CHF 180.- tax included

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